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Class rules 2024

1. CLASS only for Honda – Civic & Acura Integra NON VTEC, B18A, B18B, B20B, B20BZ engines

a. The body may not be altered at all from original specs, (not holes on bumper)
b. The brake and rotors must be those of the Integra GSR
c. Original fuel tank located as factory
d. SCCA approved roll cage
e. The tires will only be Toyo R888 & R888R, allow using only one set of tires for the event.
f. The wing may not exceed width or longer of the body. In case of Coupe or Lift back the wing cannot be higher off the roof. Rear wing & front spoiler have to be bolt on the OEM position,  rear and the front diffuser or aftermarket side skirt not splitter allow , the lip can’t be lower than 3 inches and longer the factory bumper, the any other new vehicle or modification (Wing or aerodynamic) needs a supervision of the commission before accepted to the class (no exceptions).
g. All non-relevant systems like a/c; power windows etc. may be removed
h. Adjustable suspension allowed, single adjustment no external tanks
i. 15 x 7.0 to 8.0 wheels by recommendation of the tire manufacturer and tire size must be only 205/50/15
j. Not plexiglass or lexant
k. Suspensions:
• Aftermarket Camber Kit and Toe Arms Permitted
• Aftermarket Control Arms spherical and polyurethane bushings Permitted
• Aftermarket Tie rods and ball Joints Permitted
• Aftermarket Sway bar at factory mounting points Permitted
• Aftermarket Strut tower bar Permitted
• Aftermarket traction bar Permitted
• EG Integra Cross member permitted
• Front Brake Air Ducts are permitted on the fog light position or behind of the front bumper grill (Cutting or modification of the bumper and grill are not permitted)

a. The engine to be use will only be the B18A, B18B, B20B and B20Z
b. Original crankshaft pulley or type R single channel pulley
c. Engine block must be original B18A, B18B, standard bore to 20 over 2,300 Pounds, if you bore the engine to 40 over will have 2,340 pounds any extra .10 oversize will have 20 pounds extra in the vehicle.  Engine block must be original B20B, B20Z, standard bore to 20 over 2,400 Pounds, if you bore the engine to 40 over will have 2,440 pounds any extra .10 oversize will have 20 pounds extra in the vehicle.
d. Block or Head can be resurface from original to get the compression 215 PSI not exceed
e. Rods must be originals with no alterations B18A, B18B, B20B or B20BZ
f. ARP 208-6001 rod bolts permitted
g. Pistons must be original B18A, B18B 81mm PR4, B20B, B20Z 84mm Honda P3F or PHK pistons
h. If need to use aftermarket pistons have to be an equal material or construction OEM piston B18 or B20 with the same compression
i. Ratio, shape and material as the original no forged pistons
j. Cylinder head must be p75 or p8r original from B18A, B18B, B20B or B20BZ with no alterations at all – Originals valves
– Dual valve springs permitted
– OEM retainer or Brian Crower part # (BC2020S)
– Original camshafts can be used to the second event and for the third event you can install the Brian Crower Cams Part# BC0022 only provided by Honda Wars Administration.
– Adjustable cam pulleys permitted
– The valve cover may be cut to accommodate cam pulleys
– Timing covers optional
– Timing belt open
– Clutch, Flywheel open & ARP Bolts Permitted
– ARP Head Studs permitted
– Fuel Rail Permitted
k. Original distributor or coil on plug
l. Compression per cylinder may not exceed 215 psi at 6 revolutions with all spark plugs off engine.
m. Intake manifold must be the original part from b18b or b18b1, the thermo gasket is permitted, the intake tube can take air from the front area without cutting the front bumper or grill.
n. Throttle body may not exceed 66mm and allow Thermo Gasket
o. Engine control module must be chipped or hondata S300
p. Exhaust headers permitted and the pipe length has to pass driver seat

a. Transmission will only be B series hydraulic with a 4.40 final drive type R LSD or OBX LSDAJF78 original configuration nonadjustable 1.5 way, with the gear ratio as follows
1. 3.230
2. 2.105
3. 1.458
4. 0.107
5. 0.848

a. The weight of the car must be 2,300 pounds with a B18 engine and the driver, the weight of the car must be 2,400 pounds with a B20 engine and the driver.

a. All cars must be weighed after each sprint race if not will be DQ also if the vehicle does not finish the sprints/race will not have any points.
b. Any protest has to be made by a driver participating in the event no later than 30 min after the last sprint
c. All protests will be in writing to the Technical inspector with 100 US dollars (nonrefundable) then the price of the parts and the Technical inspector will determine Labor, payment has to be made before removal of any components.
d. The protest result will be at HW technical inspector discretion to apply a penalty of DQ or points removal
e. If there is anything not contemplated here will be up to the commission to decide if there is a gain or not to be DQ
f. Failure to have good conduct or disrespectful behavior at the track by a driver or team member will be automatic DQ
g. If you protest an engine or transmission, you have to submit yours for the same
h. All rules are to the final interpretation of the committee
i. Any change in rules will be posted at least 30 days prior to race
j. Injectors OEM B Series
k. Premium Gas 93 Octane (Not Racing fuel), the fuel will be inspected randomly at any time by the inspector
I. Fuel pressure regulator Open
m. Engine and Transmission Inspection cost $50 each by appointment
n. Annual Membership $100

a. All cars will be set up on the grid by qualifying position after the last car of all FARA classes
b. All cars will maintain at maximum of half a car distance between cars on the pace car lap
c. All cars will stay in double file cannot pass until start finish line
d. We follow FARA flag rules, penalties any race incident needs to be taken to FARA Race Director
e. The scoring system to be use for all sprints and endurance will be determined and announced by FARA
f. The registration will be made by HW with the payment complete before each race. The cost will be determined before the race. Each pilot must have the membership and driver license already paid before the race too
g. We are under FARA Rules on the track so they have the authority to allow or not race an individual person with a justified reason
h. HW is the only authority to determine the penalty for not complying with the rules written here
i. For compliance with the weight only properly screwed discs are allowed with the visible weight pounds
j. If it is not explicitly stated in the rules it is not permitted therefore it is prohibited.
k. At the last event the first fourth vehicles must be inspected by the HW Inspector
l. By HW discretion we can inspect any car at any time if the necessary, if the owner of vehicle do not allow the inspection will be DQ and lost all points for that event
m. The grid after each sprint will be inverter.