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Code of Ethics & Member Conduct Policy

Honda Wars Racing Program commitment is to provide a safe and family oriented race environment to our racing fans and participants; in order to achieve our goals, we have implemented a set of rules that every participant will abide for. An optimistic experience and public image are vital to attract new members and grow the organization, member feedback is essential and encouraged to improve our processes, programs and performance.

Due to the growth of communication via social media, HW have been examining their policies to protect their members, and protect their brand.  

HW Member Conduct has been adopted to enhance the Vision, Values and Welcoming Environment. 

HW and Participants Code and Ethics: 

  • Respect members and guests at all times 
  • Abide by the rules and engage in fair competition 
  • Act with integrity and the highest standards of sportsmanship  
  • Behave in such ways as to enhance the image of the HW
  • Members and Participants need to follow event organizer rules and codes of conduct policies.
  • “Social media” includes all means of communicating, posting information or content of any sort via         digital applications or on the Internet.  
  • Avoid offensive posts meant to poke fun at or intentionally harm someone’s reputation. Don’t  disparage or demean others. 
  • Be honest and accurate when posting information or news. Never share your opinions as fact. 
  • If you link your personal content to an HW website, clearly and specifically include a  disclaimer.

Use of HW Name, Assets and other Branding 

  • Use of the HW name, logo and other branding are prohibited if there is no official HW ownership and associated moderation.  
  • Respect all copyright and intellectual property laws, including laws protecting music, videos, text, and photographs belonging to HW or third parties.


Best Practices 

  • Lighthearted jokes or offhand comments, simple teasing, and other isolated incidents are fine unless and until it demeans or disparages someone. 
  • Avoid unfounded rumors and mistruths, extreme negativism and complaints, mean-spirited personal attacks and unreasonable disagreements which can cause discomfort amongst Members and make the HW look unappealing to potential Members, Visitors and Guests.  

– Legitimate concerns, questions and suggestions are best communicated directly to the    appropriate party, and not posted online where they may not be seen. 

  • Admins. or Mods. must actively keep track of comments, posts, and Asset usage and close threads, remove posts, and suspend or ban (from the site) those whose posts go against this policy. 

Reservation of Rights  

  • HW retains the copyright and all other ownership rights to all social media it engages in.  
  • HW reserves the right to remove all comments and responses that it considers inaccurate, offensive or otherwise inappropriate.  
  • HW may demand “unofficial” sites to change their name or remove “Honda Wars” or other trademarked or  copyrighted names unless and until they comply with the rest of this policy including HW moderation.  
  • Any conduct that violates these policies or otherwise adversely affects event organizer, members or anyone who works on behalf of HW may result in disciplinary action. 
  • Report violations immediately to Anyone who retaliates against another for reporting a possible deviation from this policy or for cooperating in an investigation will be subject to disciplinary action. 

Honda Wars Member Conduct


Conduct unbecoming a member, in order of severity: 

  1. Illegal acts include harassment, discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking,  bullying and creating a hostile or offensive environment, or if it’s related to some protected characteristic. 

– For reporting illegal acts, local authorities should be contacted immediately.  Event Officials should also be contacted. 

  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes taunting, sarcasm, innuendo, obscene or offensive slogans on clothing or  exposed body art, foul or profane language, offensive jokes or other verbally abusive comments that  reasonably could be viewed as threatening, intimidating, demeaning or that disparage members or guests.  This could also include unethical behaviors by leaders and officials if they knowingly violate the rules. 

– For reporting unsportsmanlike conduct, Event Officials should be contacted. 

  1. Boorish behaviors include general rudeness, insensitivity, interrupting, a raised voice, and other incivility or  lack of common decency which can embarrass members and make guests uncomfortable, and negatively  impact another’s experience with the HW please contact Event Officials.

– Report these behaviors to Honda Wars Staff that you make feel comfortable. 

Reporting Conduct Unbecoming a Member 

  • Alleged illegal or unsportsmanlike conduct may be reported confidentially to the Honda Wars Administration.  
  • Anyone knowingly making a maliciously false allegation or providing false or misleading information in the course of an investigation, or otherwise acting in bad faith will be subject to disciplinary action. 


  • The HW strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against anyone who in good faith makes a complaint or  assists in an investigation regarding any conduct that they reasonably believe to be in violation of the Code  Ethics of Member Conduct or other establish HW Event organizer prohibits anyone from being retaliated against even if their  underlying complaint is eventually unsubstantiated.